Les Baux 2

Monday 06. 05. 19 Went to the Carriéres du Lumières again today and this time we managed to get in OK. What a fabulous expo/show – Vincent would have been proud. Afterwards we had a tasty lunch at our usual restaurant. A grand day out!



Wednesday 02. 12. 15 Just back from a week in London. Saw the Ai Weiwei show at the RA, The Calder at the Tate Modern and the Auerbach at the Tate Britain which was a disappointment. I think the highlights were the Peter Lanyon show at the Courtauld and The Celts at the British Museum. Also did a couple of London Walks, the London Eye and saw Maggie Smith in The Lady in the Van. A busy week!



Thursday 04. 12. 14 Just back from a week in London with Carole. I saw a brilliant Kiefer show at the RA – a very extensive retrospective featuring paintings, sculptures, installations, watercolours, books etc – best show I have seen in London since the big Hockney show at the RA. Also saw Polke at Tate Modern and the Turner at Tate Britain, the Constable at the V&A and a small Hambling show at the National gallery. Besides all this gallery going we met Marie-Pierre and Olivier for the weekend and had a a great time wandering around the parks and the streets. We even had time to check out the lego Santa Claus at Covent Gardens and of course the lights and to see the movie Mr Turner.




Wednesday 22. 10. 14 Went with Jon up to the Michael Collection in Kleinberg to see the Matisse, Morrice, Lyman show. Excellent show, lots of paintings by Morrice and Lyman less by Matisse.



Sunday 13. 07. 14 Went to Montpellier yesterday and went with Claire to an expo of Viallat at the Musée Farbre. He did a lot with a little!!




Tuesday 19. 11. 13 Just back from a week in the UK. Stayed in London at an interesting new hotel in the East end called Qbic located just off Whitechapel High Street near Brick Lane reasonable prices and quite funky. Did the usual galleries – particularly enjoyed the Australia show at the RA. Took the boat to Greenwich from Westminster, saw the Christmas windows on Oxford St. Rented a car for the weekend and tried to explore the Thames estuary but it is difficult to actually access the river. However went to the new Turner gallery at Margate which is a wonderful building right on the beach. A good show there of various Brit artists who worked en plein air – Constable, Cotman and of course Turner. Stayed overnight in Broadstairs and came back via Southend and Canvey Island. Brief but stimulating as always.

La Biennnale



Saturday 05. 10 .13  Just back from 5 days in Venice, a magical city. The Biennale was stimulating and overwhelming. Did a great workshop there on a new process for printmaking which I’m looking forward to exploring and experimenting with.






Saturday 23. 03. 13 Just back from a whirlwind trip to London. Highlights: Art of the Ice Age at the British Museum, Phantom Ride by Simon Starling at Tate Britain and George Bellows at the RA. Also explored the Tanks at the Tate Modern. Got caught in snow storm in Luton en route back today.


Sunday 05. 08. 12 Went to Séte  for lunch today with Gisèle and Jonathan. Had an excellent lunch on the quay and then went up to the Chabaud expo at the Musée Paul Valéry. Interesting show of an artist whose work I did not know, including an excellent half hour video which alone is worth the price of admission!



Saturday 25. 02. 12 Just got back from my short trip to London where I met up with Polly, Maryann and Alan & Lea. Saw several expos, the first with Maryann was the Picasso and Modern British Art – an excellent well-curated show showing works of Duncan Grant, Francis Bacon, David Hockney etc. On Thursday went with Alan & Lea to see the Hockney show at the RA in the morning and the Freud at the NPG in the afternoon. The Hockney was luminous and spectacular in scope and size, perhaps the best show I have ever seen. The Freud was also good but I was disturbed by what seemed to be his exploitation of his models. He was such an aggressive painter exposing their vulnerability. On Friday we went south of the river to the new White Cube in Bermondsey. A Great exhibition space which showed off Keifer’s work brilliantly. Much food for thought.