Saturday 25. 02. 12 Just got back from my short trip to London where I met up with Polly, Maryann and Alan & Lea. Saw several expos, the first with Maryann was the Picasso and Modern British Art – an excellent well-curated show showing works of Duncan Grant, Francis Bacon, David Hockney etc. On Thursday went with Alan & Lea to see the Hockney show at the RA in the morning and the Freud at the NPG in the afternoon. The Hockney was luminous and spectacular in scope and size, perhaps the best show I have ever seen. The Freud was also good but I was disturbed by what seemed to be his exploitation of his models. He was such an aggressive painter exposing their vulnerability. On Friday we went south of the river to the new White Cube in Bermondsey. A Great exhibition space which showed off Keifer’s work brilliantly. Much food for thought.

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