My birthday

Saturday 06. 08. 22 Today was my 81st birthday and I had nothing planned. I met George & Laurene for a coffee at Le Charleston and Laurene brought some very tasty cakes. George and I also decided to have a pastis. We ran into Catherine & Philippe while we were there and they invited me up to their house for lunch. We had a delicious lunch and they even lit a candle for me. Thank you all for a very, very happy birthday.

New wheels

Tuesday 02. 08. 22 Saw this three-wheeler this morning when I was en route to the supermarket. I don’t think I would have any balancing problems driving it, altho I might have other problems! But it would be fun.


Monday 01. 08. 22 My first birthday card arrived today from Daisy & Leo. It is all made of wood. Brilliant!


Thursday 28. 07. 22 Went down to Le Charleston this evening to hear Bertrand’s group play. Bertrand and Christelle are friends from St Medard. Christelle is the one raising her glass. They are friends of M—P and Olivier. I watched their gig with Annie and Martine from Franglais. It was great.

An exciting day

Wednesday 27. 07. 22 It has been quite a busy day today. I fell over whilst walking over to see Dr Angus to renew my prescription. He patched me up. I met Jacqui chez lui and we then drove to Beziers where we had a leisurely dinner in the Allées and then went and saw the lights. A wonderful display as always.

Un peu proche

Tuesday 26. 07. 22 George took this photo from his house this morning. He also saw 4 Canadairs flying over.

French dinner

Wednesday 20. 07. 22 Had dinner with Dot & John and Edith & Bruno and their family last night. Wonderful company but the Tournesol has not got any better!

Very special

Monday 18. 07. 22 George and Laurene invited me up for a swim and a pastis this afternoon. Very refreshing! They have the best pool in Clermont.

Bastille Day

Friday 15. 07. 22 Yesterday was a holiday here. There was the usual formal celebration at 11am at the Place de la Republique and then 12 hours later we had the wonderful firework display in the grand parking.

The Aquarium

Tuesday 12. 07. 22 Got home yesterday after a wonderful visit to Marie-Pierre and Olivier’s. Here we are in Bertrand an Chrystelle’s mini pool.