Saturday 25. 06. 22 Yesterday after Franglais I went to see the film Elvis on at the Alain Resnais cinema here in Clermont along with four other people! It was not a great movie – too long and too slow but I knew the words to all the songs. Heartbreak Hotel was the first record I ever bought which I played on a wind-up record player! The actor playing Elvis was very good and Tom Hanks playing Colonel Parker was his usual professional self. Would I recommend it? Not unless you are a diehard fan.

Fête de la Musique

Wednesday 22. 06. 22 Went to this last night which was a bit of a disappointment. There were two venues, one up here by the church and the other in the Allées. The one up here was mostly latin american with one guy singing with a music box. Downtown Rockn’Roll with 14 year olds!

Le Sillon encore

Monday 20. 06. 22 I went to Le Sillon again last night. It was as good as Saturday and I understood a few more subtleties this time. Saw Catherine again and also Béatrice from Franglais.

Le Sillon

Saturday 18. 06. 22 Went to Le Sillon last night with Maddy & David to see our Franglais friend Philippe in a play there. It was an anthology of 4 excerpts from 4 contemporary French plays. An excellent performance, very stimulating and free! A very enjoyable evening. The theatre was packed.


Thursday 16.06. 22 Jason and I were talking about this blog the other day and he told me it had over 1100 entries and covers the time when I first arrived in France (May 2007) until now. Quite an archive! Now I’m wondering what I should do with it. Any suggestions?

If you want to have a look through the archive scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see a dropdown menu on the left.

Small World

Class 5B 1959. Bob is the tallest in the back row.

Wednesday 15. 06. 22 I had an interesting email yesterday from Bob Danks. Another boy from Whitton who had found me from a video that I made about my expo of paintings for the Twickenham Historical Society. He is a year or so younger than me and went to Nelson Road school, Whitton Boys, and Chiswick County – all schools that I went to. His memory is a lot better than mine and he can remember his classmates. All I can remember are the teachers! Not sure what that means! He went on to have a career with BOAC and BA and is now retired in Poole.

Organ Recital

Sunday 12. 06. 22 I went to an organ recital at St Paul’s with Dot & John this evening. An excellent performance of Stabat Mater by Pergolese by two sopranos who were rather dwarfed by the organ!

Chez Claire

Monday 06. 06. 22 Had a very tasty and leisurely lunch in Claire’s lovely garden.

Art Page

Saturday 28. 05. 22 Drove over to Octon with George to see the print-making expo this weekend. An excellent show with some particularly fine limited edition books. Came back via Les Trois Terres wine shop.


22. 05. 22 I went down to The Charleston for a coffee as per usual this morning. As I was coming back, around 11 I noticed that there was a service at the church. So I went in. The French was pretty formal so not easy to understand but the structure of the service was surprisingly very similar to that at St Paul’s in Toronto! The only difference was that they were still serving wine at communion!