22. 05. 22 I went down to The Charleston for a coffee as per usual this morning. As I was coming back, around 11 I noticed that there was a service at the church. So I went in. The French was pretty formal so not easy to understand but the structure of the service was surprisingly very similar to that at St Paul’s in Toronto! The only difference was that they were still serving wine at communion!

St. Pauls

Sunday 15. 05. 22 went to an excellent Classical concert this evening at St Paul‘s. I was surprised that it was given by the Clermont orchestra! I didn’t know we had a local orchestra. They played Mozart’s 31st Symphony and the overture to the Kalif of Baghdad.


Paddington Station

Saturday 14. 05. 22 Got back yesterday from Paddington after a delayed ride on the Eurostar. Didn’t make it to Gare St Roch on time so spent Thursday night chez Claire. Managed to sort out Maureen’s papers, met Tess and had lunch with Carol and Polly. A busy week!

It has been a while

Monday 09. 05. 22 Just spent the weekend in Hereford with Tess, a friend from my Eel Pie Island days. We haven’t seen each other since 1958/9!

It was a wonderful weekend of reminiscing but we also wandered around Hereford and its magnificent cathedral. A very special weekend.

En Route

Thursday 24. 02. 22 This is a painting of the allée near Belarga. I’m going to use it as the cover of my new book about all the houses that I have lived in.

35 rue de la Liberté

Tuesday 15. 02. 22 This is my house in Clermont l’Herault which I bought in 1999 and moved into full-time in 2006. It is a stone house built in the late 1700s. 4 stories, 8 rooms, joined on 3 sides in downtown Clermont.

372 Sackville St.

Thursday 03. 02. 22 I bought this with Jason. Another late 19th century rowhouse in Cabbagetown. Carole found it when she was looking for a house for her and Julia but it needed too much work. Jason & I lived in it for 3 years whilst the Chevelle’s did the renovations! A nightmare, but afterwards we had a fabulous house which Jason and I both loved. I sold Alpha to Carole and she still lives there.

15 Alpha

Wednesday 02. 02. 22 Daisy’s birthday.
This 15 Alpha Avenue in Cabbagetown which I bought in 1993. It is a private street of late 19th century row houses running off the north end of Sackville. A great house and a great community.

Sackville Apt.

Wednesday 26. 01. 22 I moved into an apartment in this house on the corner of Amelia & Sackville in Cabbagetown when I came back from France. The backyard was a pool with a sound studio opposite so you could listen to music while you swam!