32 Anderson Ave.

Thursday 20. 01. 22 We moved here after Maxwell and stayed until 1989. Carole and I divorced in 1984 but I stayed on with Jason and Julia.

49 Maxwell

Wednesday 19. 01. 22 This is our first house, a semi on Maxwell Avenue at Yonge & Eglington. It took 3 mortgages – the 3rd at 18% plus a tenant in the basement to buy it!

French winter

Tuesday 18. 01. 22 What a difference. Winter in Clermont courtesy of Philippe.

Winter in Toronto

4 Castleview

Monday 17. 01. 22 This is where we lived with Jason and Julia after they were born. It was a 4 plex on the corner of Spadina and Castleview, a block north of Casa Loma. It was owned by the Weryha’s, a Polish couple who lived in Port Hope. The superintendent was Musa who was an interesting, overeducated guy who lived in the attic. When he left I took over the job and eventually rented all the apartments to friends so it was more like a co-op. We were on the second floor, with Graham & Kate below and Graham’s sister Marg in the attic. Happy days!

109 Jameson Ave

Saturday 15. 01. 22 This is the hi-rise where Carole and I lived when we were first married. We lived in Apt#709 which was at the end on the top floor.

The ice is in my painting water from my studio. It is -21 degrees today!


Thursday 13. 01. 22 This is where I lived after I got my job as art director at Macmillan of Canada. It was owned by Ruby and was a Rooming house. I lived there with 4 ladies and had my own bedsit at $12 a week! We all ate together in the basement. I lived there until I got married. It looks much different now.

Lac du Salagou

Saturday 08. 01. 22 Finished this foggy painting of Lac du Salagou today based on a photo sent by Sandrine.

Signs of Spring

Friday 07. 01. 22 Yesterday thought I would do a small oil painting of my Amarilis. Julia gave it to me for Christmas as a bulb. I am astonished at how quickly it has grown!

The old Y

Thursday 06. 01. 22 After a few days at the Ford hotel I decided I had to move on, so I went to the old YMCA on College Street.

First night in Canada

Wednesday 05. 01. 22 The first in a new series of where I have lived in Canada. The Ford Hotel at Bay & Dundas. It was demolished in 1979.