Carrières de Lumières

Wednesday 21. 03. 18 Went to Les Baux today with Patricia to see this show. Spectacular and “Une Immersion” as they say here. Check out the video link with Les Baux above.

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Postcard 6

Tuesday 20. 03. 18 A frustrating day. I have been trying to do a monoprint and have tried 4 times but I can’t seem to make it work! So I did the 6th postcard. 

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New small paintings

Friday 16. 03. 18 I have been working on these three this week and the new postcard.

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4th postcard


Monday 12. 03. 18 Sent off 4th postcard. Had a very energizing day yesterday at Claire’s. I have 4 small paintings on the go at the moment and hope to finish them this week. Started work on monoprint of Dancing Trees.

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More postcards


Saturday 03. 03. 18 Sent off the third postcards to Daisy and Poppy.

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Thursday 01. 03. 18 We had 30 cm of snow yesterday! This resulted in my flight to London being cancelled and because I couldn’t find an alternative I had to cancel my trip. Tant pis!

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Julia’s new house


Tuesday 27. 02. 18 This is a painting of Julia’s new house. I had tried to paint it in acrylics but somehow I can’t seem to get on with them I just prefer oils despite the smell!

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Back in the studio


Monday 26. 02. 18 Posted off second postcard to Poppy and Daisy and then worked on a couple of small paintings. It felt good to be painting again – first time since December!!

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Belated presents


Thursday 22. 02. 18 Had dinner last night with Dot and John and gave them their Christmas presents – hand coloured monoprint portraits.

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Friday 16. o2. 18 This is one of my new projects. I am going to make a visual autobiography for my granddaughters Daisy and Poppy. It will consist of a series of postcards with a current self portrait printed on them but with a face pasted on and a date drawn in the background. On the other side beside the address will be a series of phrases from that period of my life. The face, colour and date will change and I’m planning a series of perhaps 12 to be sent once a week.

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