Sunday 04. 06. 2023 Did a new mail box door for the house.

The Aga Khan

Wednesday 31. 05. 2023 Went here this morning with Laurie and Erich to an exhibition on Rumi. A brilliant expo on his life and work. Well worth a visit!

Summer is coming

Friday 19. 05. 2023 Worked on the garden yesterday and planted some flowers.


Thursday 18. 05. 2023 After consultation with the family I have decided to stay in Toronto until the end of August when I will go back to Clermont with Jason and Julia.

High School Musical

Wednesday 17. 05. 2023 went to this great show put on by the kids at Poppy’s High School. It was brilliant, exuberant and very professional. I went with Jason and Julia. A highly enjoyable evening. Poppy was not in the show – she was the stage manager.

A busy week

The weekend before last I got a ride to Kitchener and stayed with Alan and Lea for the weekend. We didn’t stop talking all weekend and I even got to see Jo their grandson who I hadn’t seen for years. 

This tapestry has been in their living room since I first met them!

Last week Rob and Heather came to stay from Nova Scotia. They had only intended to stay a few days but because of car problems stayed until Friday night. The highlight was a visit to Allen Gardens to see the flowering cacti.

And today Jason and I had lunch with Greg Sanford who I hadn’t seen for 43 years when he worked for Maher & Murtagh!

A week of memories!

Summer is here

Friday 14. 04. 2023 Double digit temperatures prompted me to wear shorts for the first time this year yesterday! It felt good.


Monday 10. 05. 2023
Had a very lavish and tasty Easter family dinner hosted by Alisa and Jason last night.