Last of the Fall

Thursday 25. 11. 21 Final autumn landscape on mylar. Expecting snow on the weekend so am looking forward to doing some more wintry scenes.

Scarborough Bluffs

Monday 22. 11. 21 Another sketch from our walk. This time looking down on the beach and the lake. This place is so pristine, it is hard to believe it  is so close to Julia’s house!  

Fall colours

Thursday 18. 11. 21 This coloured pencil on mylar was inspired by a walk that I took last Sunday along the Scarborough Bluffs with Julia, Alex and Toffee. I have another two drawings in progress.


Thursday 11. 11. 21 another coloured pencil on Mylar. Julia relaxing on her couch.

Saturday Breakfast

Tuesday 09. 11. 21 Have been experimenting with watercolour pencil on Mylar.

Autumn colours

Sunday 07. 11. 21 Went for a walk near the Scarborough Bluffs this afternoon with Julia and Alex. The colours were magnificent!

Studio view

Thursday 04. 11. 21 This is an oil pastel showing the view of Julia’s deck and garden from the studio window.


Thursday 04. 11. 21 Interior of subway. Everyone is on the phone!


Wednesday 03. 11. 21 I arrived in Toronto in September and planned to go back after 4 weeks. However, because of a problem with pinched nerves and a numb right foot leading to difficulties walking, I decided to stay on over Christmas.