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With wash

Wednesday 05. 12. 18 Decided to add wash to the above ground part of the landscape to add a further differentiation between then and now.

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Still Life

Friday 30. 11. 18 It is a dull rainy day. Sometimes it is good to just draw whatever is in front you!

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Coloured in

Tuesday 27. 11. 18 Spent the day colouring in the monoprint with coloured pencils. Now wondering whether to add water to change the colours into washes.

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Grandad’s Landscape

Monday 26. 11. 18 Today I am going to start colouring in this monoprint of the landscape where my grandfather was wounded in WW1.

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Sunday painting

Sunday 21. 10. 18 Finished this small painting of the Bassin d’Arcachon today and worked on a couple of larger landscapes

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Sunday 14. 10. 18 This is a new series showing the ride from Carole & Julia’s old house on Carlton St to Jason’s at Pape. I’m planning on turning them into a book. It is a combination of a B&W print and a watercolour.

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Studio day

Saturday 13. 10. 18 Another busy day in the studio working on Café St Georges and Fête de Victoire Parade plus I also drew in Picardie and worked on Bassin d’Arcachon.

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Le Marché aux Puces

Thursday 11. 10. 18 Back in the studio again and I’m trying to finish up some old ones and have started 2 new ones. It feels good. The is the flea market held every Sunday in Clermont.

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First drawing

Friday 10. 08. 18 I was looking through some old papers for the receipt for my canoe when I came across this drawing. It must be one of my first, done when I was 5.

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Musée de Lodève


Sunday 08. 07. 18 Rode over to the new renovated museum this morning. It is a lot bigger and they have done a great job on the renos but I still find it an odd mix with the Paul Dardé sculptures and the archeological exhibits. Did this little watercolour in the afternoon.

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