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Friday 05. 06. 19 Introduced Beatrice to the class and also donated a bottle of Ice Wine which I had brought from TO.This went down well and helped us all with our fluencies!!!

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High Street Whitton

Tuesday 02. 07. 19 Back to working on this one.

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39 Hazel Close

Monday 03. 06. 19 Started on a new project today painting contemporary Whitton, comparing it with the days of my childhood. The photo shows the house as it was then and the painting, which is still a work in progress, is as it is now. Quelle différence!

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Sunday 02. 06 19 Yesterday spent the day at a printmaking workshop in Belarga. We worked on doing dry point engravings on tetrapak packaging. Very stimulating and convivial. It was an all-day workshop with lunch. The only downside I could see was that one is restricted by the size of the the tetrapak altho there maybe larger boxes around. Did my Franglais piece – not a great meeting this week for some reason.

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Whitton to Chiswick

Friday 24. 05 19 This is a drawing of a train journey that I did to school every day in the 50s.

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When we were young

Thursday 16. 05. 19 This was a monoprint that I did earlier in the week of my brother, my sister and myself. Off to London tomorrow for a few days.

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Thursday 09. 05. 2019 Did this drawing of a corner of the table in the studio while I was waiting for my monoprint plate of poppy fields to dry. What a mess!!!

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Les Baux 2

Monday 06. 05. 19 Went to the Carriéres du Lumières again today and this time we managed to get in OK. What a fabulous expo/show – Vincent would have been proud. Afterwards we had a tasty lunch at our usual restaurant. A grand day out!

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Tulip fields

Thursday 25. 04. 19 Here is a coloured monoprint that I did yesterday to provide some cheer on a damp, grey, cloudy day in Clermont!

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Friday 19. 04. 19 I did this painting of the windmills at the Zaanse Schans for Julia as a souvenir of our bike ride through the tulips. The main windmill was used to grind pigments for paint. The other image is a coloured monoprint.

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