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A9 & A10


Monday 31. 07. 17 It has been busy here for the last week and I have only just got back into the studio. Daisy arrived on 20 July and I went up to Paris to meet her. Since then we have been revisiting her old haunts down here and enjoying the beach.

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Friday 30. 06. 17 This one is when I was just about to leave for Canada in 1965.

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With writing

Monday 19. 06. 17 Have now added the script to these two and have started on the drawing of A6.

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A4 & A5


Tuesday 13. 06. 17 These two are coming along. Not easy to shoot as  can’t get far enough from them!

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More autoportraits



Sunday 04. 06. 17 I have been working on these on and off all week. They are not finished but they are on their way.

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Autoportrait 2

Friday 26. 05. 17 Back into the studio today. Working on the second autoportrait.

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La Transition



Tuesday 23. 05. 17 Just back from a great weekend in Bordeaux. I was invited to Olivier’s retirement party which we celebrated at Le Prieuré an old priory in Castres sur Gironde just outside Bordeaux. A wonderfully French weekend with lots of good food, including 2 roasted pigs, good conversation and good wine. Happily we could also stay the night there. I gave Olivier this painting to mark the occasion.

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Moving along

Thursday 18. 05. 17 Worked more on this today. All of the portraits will have the gold ‘frame’ and some writing on them. Now I just have to finish the actual painting but I’m happy with it so far.

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Wednesday 17. 05. 17 I think I have finally found a format for these. I’m going to make an accordion book on Kraft paper with ten different pages for different stages of my life. The page size is 75 x 60 cm so it is quite large. This is the start of the first page when I was about 3 years old.

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New bedroom drawing

Monday 24. 04. 17 Did a new chalk drawing for my bedroom today.

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