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Journée des droits des femmes

Friday 08. 03. 19 Went to my Franglais class this morning and gave each of the ladies there one of these cards to celebrate International Women’s Day. In the evening went to the Alain Resnais cinema and saw Catherine Deneuve in La Dernière Folie de Claire Darling an excellent French film en français.

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More tulips

Thursday 07. 03. 19 Did this pencil drawing the other day while waiting for monoprints to dry. Today went into Montpellier and saw and interesting show by Alexander Hollan at Musée Fabre of trees and a photo show by Andy Summers of The Police which took me back to another era.

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New decor


Monday 04. 03. 19 Decided it was time to change the chalk drawing in my bedroom! 

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Sunday 24. 02. 19 Worked on a series of print/drawings/paintings of views from the 506 streetcar from Parliament St to Pape Ave in Toronto. I did the drawing of the streetcar interior and then printed it before adding the view from the front in coloured pencil and watercolour. There are 8 drawings in the series.

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Friday 15. 02. 19 Went to the AGO this morning with Jason to see Impressionism in the Age of Industry. An excellent show with many Impressionist painters and paintings which I didn’t know.

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With wash

Wednesday 05. 12. 18 Decided to add wash to the above ground part of the landscape to add a further differentiation between then and now.

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Still Life

Friday 30. 11. 18 It is a dull rainy day. Sometimes it is good to just draw whatever is in front you!

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Coloured in

Tuesday 27. 11. 18 Spent the day colouring in the monoprint with coloured pencils. Now wondering whether to add water to change the colours into washes.

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Grandad’s Landscape

Monday 26. 11. 18 Today I am going to start colouring in this monoprint of the landscape where my grandfather was wounded in WW1.

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Sunday painting

Sunday 21. 10. 18 Finished this small painting of the Bassin d’Arcachon today and worked on a couple of larger landscapes

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