TV Screen

Last fall I had an interesting commission. A client had installed a flat screen TV besides a fireplace in their cottage. It was the perfect place to watch TV during the winter evenings but they did not want to look at a blank screen during the day. We had several discussions and came up with the idea of a folding screen to be placed in front of the TV during the day. It was then folded away during viewing hours. I painted a view of the cottage from the lake on 4 hinged panels as shown below. There were several challenges to this commission besides the physical one of the painting being handled daily. I also had to paint the edges of all the panels, make sure that no significant feature fell between the folds and had to compensate for the fact that the panels would be not all be viewed in the same plane. Both the client and myself are very happy with the results and the client now hangs the screen up to be viewed as a painting when not in use hiding the TV. If anyone is interested in commissioning me for something like this or anything else, please e mail me.

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