Thursday 04. 12. 14 Just back from a week in London with Carole. I saw a brilliant Kiefer show at the RA – a very extensive retrospective featuring paintings, sculptures, installations, watercolours, books etc – best show I have seen in London since the big Hockney show at the RA. Also saw Polke at Tate Modern and the Turner at Tate Britain, the Constable at the V&A and a small Hambling show at the National gallery. Besides all this gallery going we met Marie-Pierre and Olivier for the weekend and had a a great time wandering around the parks and the streets. We even had time to check out the lego Santa Claus at Covent Gardens and of course the lights and to see the movie Mr Turner.


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  1. Chris on 07 Dec 2014 at 12:39 pm #

    The Kiefer show must have been amazing. I hope you picked up a brochure! So much to see in London–what a treat!

  2. David on 08 Dec 2014 at 12:38 pm #

    loved the Constable, Schiele, and Moroni. Rembrandt of course. Disliked the Kiefer intensely. Too much German angst and German Guilt. Huge overstatements . Controversial. No. Not for me. But not surprised you liked it.

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