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Back in town

Wednesday 11. 12. 19 Got back safely on Saturday despite strikes and delays at Montpellier airport. Cold and snow when I arrived but it has since warmed up with rain so most of the snow has gone now. Been busy catching up with friends, saw the Downton Abbey film and am back at the Y.

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My mischievous friend

Monday 25. 11. 19 My Franglais friend Philippe is the star of this one. He corrected the accent on my Espiègle.

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More Franglais

Thursday 21. 11. 19 I had forgotten to put these up. Today working on various paintings for the Whitton Project and others which need to dry before I head to Canada in December.

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London lights

Tuesday 19. 11. 19 Just back from a week in London where I met up with Carole and Julia. Saw a number of exhibitions. Highlights were William Blake at Tate Britain, Peter Doig at Michael Werner and Anthony Gormley at the RA. Met two new people: Julian Huxley, photographer, outside Burberries and Oswald De Sybel at Tate Britain. Julian was taking a self portrait in the reflections of the display in the store and Julian was sketching me. I had interesting chats with both. Carole, Julia and I visited Maureen in Sandhurst, had a tasty dinner with Polly in Covent Garden and also saw the lights in Regent and Carnaby streets. A busy trip comme toujours!

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Whitton Boys’

Friday 09. 11. 19 Finished a painting of where I went to school from 8 – 11. Unfortunately it has been removed without a trace!

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And yet another one

Saturday 26. 10 19 I seem to have spent all this week working on my Whitton series but as yet haven’t actually finished one!

Here is the latest Franglais showing how I need to pronounce la rue!

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Another Franglais

Monday 21. 10. 19 I have been busy this week with Christmas cards, Christmas paintings as presents,  Poppy’s birthday card etc  etc so only managed this one collage. Hopefully next week I can get back to my projects!

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Franglais 11


Monday 02. 09.2019 Here is the latest.

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Voyage Around My Room


Friday 30. 08. 19 I have finally finished this project based on Xavier de Maistre’s Voyage Autour Ma Chambre. I know – not very good photos but it gives an idea of the 4 “books.”

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A Happy day

Sunday 25. 08. 19 I am very happy to share the news that Daisy and Leo got engaged last Friday 23 August. Congratulations!

And Poppy had her first driving lesson!

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