Saturday 15. 06. 2024
One of the differences between Toronto and here. Jason saw these deer on his dog walk in Toronto this morning. Not something you would see in Clermont.

Franglais Encore

Friday 24. 05. 2024 Had the usual animated two hours speaking Franglais!!!!

Clermont Cafés

Sunday 17. 05 2024
Les Négotiants has still not reopened, so I have been going to Le Charleston.

A Night Out

Saturday 27.04.2024 Went with Julia, Carole and Clive to see this last night. An excellent performance.


Sunday 21. 04. 2024 Spent a great weekend in Peterboro with the Mahers and Jo.


Monday 08. 04. 2024 Spring has come and gone! photo courtesy Bree WIng

Christmas is a comin’

Sunday 11. 12. 22 We had our first snowfall last night and today. Not enough to inconvenience anyone but a reminder that Santa might be on his way soon!

Chez Greens

Sunday 27. 11. 22 Returned to TO by train yesterday after 5 busy days staying with Martin and Beryl in Merrickville. I had a really great time. Besides the hospitality of Martin, Beryl and Sarah I also went to a bookclub, had coffee with a poet and went to see a play! A stimulating week!

Old friends

Thursday 24. 11. 22 Had lunch today at the Yellow Canoe with Roy and Suzette. Old friends from my newpress days in the ‘60s and early ‘70s. Roy is also a writer and Suzette a painter. It was good to catch up. And they are both doing well.