Christmas is a comin’

Sunday 11. 12. 22 We had our first snowfall last night and today. Not enough to inconvenience anyone but a reminder that Santa might be on his way soon!

Chez Greens

Sunday 27. 11. 22 Returned to TO by train yesterday after 5 busy days staying with Martin and Beryl in Merrickville. I had a really great time. Besides the hospitality of Martin, Beryl and Sarah I also went to a bookclub, had coffee with a poet and went to see a play! A stimulating week!

Old friends

Thursday 24. 11. 22 Had lunch today at the Yellow Canoe with Roy and Suzette. Old friends from my newpress days in the ‘60s and early ‘70s. Roy is also a writer and Suzette a painter. It was good to catch up. And they are both doing well.

The Lakeshore

Saturday 19. 11. 22 Drove down to the lakeshore with Julia this afternoon to check out the new bridges – quite sculptural. We were surprised to see someone windsurfing!

A real pain!

Monday 14. 11. 22 Woke up this morning with pain in my left side. After a discussion with Julia decided to go to Emergency at the hospital. Frank kindly drove us there. 5 hours later, after talking to nurses and doctors, Xrays, etc. decided that it was not a blocked artery or blood clot but probably a pulled muscle! Jason picked us up and drove us home. An exciting day!


Saturday 12. 11. 22 Took this photo today from the Millwood Bridge. Toronto between Fall and Winter.

The Bishop and Belcher

Thursday 10. 11. 22 Daisy and I had an early and tasty lunch here today. It is very convenient because it is near Daisy’s work and opens at 11 which is perfect as Daisy’s lunch hour is from 11 to 12 – she starts work at 6.30 am!!!! Since our lunch, I have been wondering about the name. I’ll have to ask the next time we are there.

Alex’s Birthday

Sunday 30. 10. 22 Celebrated Alex’s 42nd birthday with a roast beef dinner at Carole’s. It was delicious!

My Brother

Tuesday 11. 10. 22 Rob has been in hospital for nearly a month now. He was with Heather in New Glasgow visiting her Dad when he had a heart attack. He had a triple bypass operation on 16 September in Halifax and is still in the hospital. His recovery has been hampered by pneumonia but he has recovered from that and is now also off the ventilator so we are all hoping for a speedy recovery.


Thursday 06. 10. 22 On Tuesday I decided to get a tattoo as a souvenir of my time spent in Languedoc. It was all very painlessly done by Romain who has a shop just round the corner.