Fête de la Musique

Wednesday 22. 06. 22 Went to this last night which was a bit of a disappointment. There were two venues, one up here by the church and the other in the Allées. The one up here was mostly latin american with one guy singing with a music box. Downtown Rockn’Roll with 14 year olds!

Le Sillon encore

Monday 20. 06. 22 I went to Le Sillon again last night. It was as good as Saturday and I understood a few more subtleties this time. Saw Catherine again and also Béatrice from Franglais.


Thursday 16.06. 22 Jason and I were talking about this blog the other day and he told me it had over 1100 entries and covers the time when I first arrived in France (May 2007) until now. Quite an archive! Now I’m wondering what I should do with it. Any suggestions?

If you want to have a look through the archive scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see a dropdown menu on the left.

Chez Claire

Monday 06. 06. 22 Had a very tasty and leisurely lunch in Claire’s lovely garden.

Pumpkin soup

Wednesday 14. 10. 20 This is a small painting I have done for Edith who made such a delicious lunch last Sunday.

From the lake to the sea

Thursday 08. 10. 20 Spent the afternoon working on these two. Lac du Salagou and Rob’s apples in Nova Scotia.

Lac du Salagou

Monday 05. 10. 20 This small painting is based on a photo that I took the day Marie-Pierre, Olivier and I went to the lake for a swim. Juliette from Les Négociants was also there that day so I will be giving it to her for Christmas when I have finished it.


Sunday 04. 10. 20 Worked on this portrait of Agathe et Antoine today.


Saturday 03. 10. 20 This self portrait is going to serve as the base for my Christmas card this year. I have also booked my flight to Toronto on 27 November which gives me time for quarantine before Christmas.