Rue de la Liberté

Tuesday 31. 03. 20 This is a painting of my street. My house is on the right with the orange garage door. Alas not a great photo. It is hard to keep these paintings on paper flat when you shoot them.

Dancing trees

Monday 30. 03. 20 I have been working on this one today. I always find something ballet-like about Plane trees. Perhaps that is why they sometimes refer to branches as limbs.

Ma Boulangerie

Sunday 29. 03. 20 Another small oil on paper. This time it is the bakery run by Jean-Luc and Joelle and is just down the road from me.

Une Noisette

Saturday 28. 03. 20 I painted this as a reminder of all the noisettes I have missed since the lock down.


Friday 27. 03. 20 I did this small painting spontaneously as an oil on paper after George sent me a photo taken from his terrace yesterday.

V/V encore

Wednesday 25. 03. 20 Another couple of small oils on paper in the series.

More V/V

Monday 23. 03. 20 I painted the Allée in oil on brown paper this afternoon and I think that I prefer this to the watercolour. I also painted Le Clemontais in the same way.


Sunday 22. 03. 20 Have started a new series of paintings of the local empty landscape. I did the same one yesterday as an oil pastel but that didn’t work out and I’m not sure about this watercolour. I’m going to do a small oil sketch tomorrow on tinted paper.