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London lights

Tuesday 19. 11. 19 Just back from a busy week in London where I met up with Carole and Julia. Saw a number of exhibitions. Highlights were William Blake at Tate Britain, Peter Doig at Michael Werner and Anthony Gormley at the RA. Met two new people: Julian Huxley, photographer, outside Burberries and Oswald De Sybel at Tate Britain. Julian was taking a self portrait in the reflections of the display in the store and Julian was sketching me. I had interesting chats with both. Carole, Julia and I visited Maureen in Sandhurst and also saw the lights in Regent and Carnaby strrets. A busy trip comme toujours!

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Whitton Boy’s

Friday 09. 11. 19 Finished a painting of where I went to school from 8 – 11. Unfortunately it has been removed without a trace!

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And yet another one

Saturday 26. 10 19 I seem to have spent all this week working on my Whitton series but as yet haven’t actually finished one!

Here is the latest Franglais showing how I need to pronounce la rue!

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Another Franglais

Monday 21. 10. 19 I have been busy this week with Christmas cards, Christmas paintings as presents,  Poppy’s birthday card etc  etc so only managed this one collage. Hopefully next week I can get back to my projects!

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Franglais 11


Monday 02. 09.2019 Here is the latest.

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Voyage Around My Room


Friday 30. 08. 19 I have finally finished this project based on Xavier de Maistre’s Voyage Autour Ma Chambre. I know – not very good photos but it gives an idea of the 4 “books.”

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A Happy day

Sunday 25. 08. 19 I am very happy to share the news that Daisy and Leo got engaged last Friday 23 August. Congratulations!

And Poppy had her first driving lesson!

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Voyages autour ma chambre

Wednesday 21. 08. 19 This was inspired by reading the Xavier de Maistre book of the same name. It is quite big 154 x 84 cm. I will eventually make it into 4 books.

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More Whitton work

Monday 19. 08. 19 Worked some more on the station and the library.

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Saturday 17. 08. 19 Spent some time yesterday discussing certain French expressions and William the Conqueror.

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