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Thursday 06. 10. 16 Went to Marseille yesterday with Patricia as she had to renew her Swiss passport. Walked all around the MUCEM but didn’t go inside to any of the expos. Also took the Hop on and Off bus up to Notre Dame de la Garde and back. Had a tasty lunch of sardines and generally wandered around. We drove to Montpellier and then took the train to Marseille.

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Carrières de Lumières


Friday 30, 09. 16 Went with Claire to Les Baux today for a show on Chagall at Les Carrières de Lumières. Brilliant show, I have never seen Chagall look so good. This is one of Claire’s photos, check out her blog more pics .

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London, Cambridge and Reading



Friday 23. 09. 16 Just back from a busy week in the UK. Besides seeing a number of friends I went to the Hockney show at the RA, a display of medieval illuminated Ms at the Fitzwilliam museum Cambridge and an Artangel installation at Reading Gaol plus both Tates and the new Switch House at Tate Modern. A stimulating trip. I stayed at Beit Hall which is part of Imperial College, very comfortable, reasonable rates and conveniently situated. I made this sketch en plein air whilst waiting for the Reading Gaol expo to open. It is the view from the garden at the Town Hall.

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St Medard en Jalles



Thursday 11. 08. 16 Just back from a week chez Marie-Pierre and Olivier. Went by train but came back by car which they have lent to me. Had a great time – good food, good wine, good conversation. Celebrated my birthday on the weekend, had a picnic besides a lake and went into Bordeaux a couple of times. Saw an interesting expo of prints and an intriguing video called Ellis narrated by Robert De Nero in a gallery in an old submarine base. The photo above is of a repurposed army barracks.

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Tuesday 29. 03. 16 Just back from Easter weekend chez Claire at Chantemerle which is near Briançon. Still some snow there creating these wonderful monochrome landscapes.

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Balconies and Saints



Thursday 29. 10. 15 This is a small painting that I did this morning of Valletta. There seemed to be a shrine on nearly every street corner!

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Tuesday 27. 10. 15 Just back from 10 days in Malta with Julia. Interesting part of the world, steeped in history from Neolithic temples to WWII bomb shelters. Many huge and beautiful churches towering over a harsh, garrigue-like landscape.

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Thursday 18. 06. 15 Had an early start today as Carole had to take the train to the airport at 6 am. I went back to the hotel for breakfast and then saw a terrific expo at the Munch museum Munch/Van Gogh. Interesting parallels between the two artists and again I was surprised by Munch’s work. Took the train to Rygge in the afternoon and then flew back to Beziers in the evening. The photo is the Millau bridge.

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Monday 15. 06. 15 Arrived here early afternoon. Cool around 10 degrees. Checked out old town. Two types of accommodation – wooden houses or cruise ships.

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Sunday 14. 06. 15 Spent the day exploring Bergen. Saw some interesting collections of Norwegian art including Edvard Munch who did so much more than The Scream! 

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