Easter Sunday 31. 03. 2024 St Paul’s was quite full with more younger adults and their children. Nice to see.

Taste of the season

Wednesday 06. 03. 2024 Carole sent these hot cross buns over yesterday. They are delicious!

New Glasses

Saturday 17. 02. 2024 Finally picked up my new glasses this afternoon.

Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday 13. 02. 2024

Had delicious pancakes chez Carole with fresh strawberries and cream.


Tuesday 08. 02. 2024 George’s response to my accident.

My Lucky Day

Friday February 02. 02. 2024
Had an accident this morning at Warden and Kingston Road. I was crossing Kingston Road going north and a car coming south and turning west hit me. The driver had stopped then started again, didn’t see me and hit me. Luckily nothing was broken except my glasses. I had one stitch above my eye. Spent 5 hours in Scarboro hospital.