Fall in Canada

Sunday 16. 10. 22 Flew in yesterday. Very comfortable AF flights with wheelchair across CDG.
Julia picked me up at Pearson. Slept well. This morning went to YMCA near Julia’s to check out facilities and then went for a walk to Scarboro Bluffs with Julia and Alex. The Fall colours were beautiful.

Au revoir, à bientôt

Friday 14. 10. 22 Today was my last Franglais for a while. I am flying back to Toronto tomorrow. 
À la prochaine mes amis!

My Brother

Tuesday 11. 10. 22 Rob has been in hospital for nearly a month now. He was with Heather in New Glasgow visiting her Dad when he had a heart attack. He had a triple bypass operation on 16 September in Halifax and is still in the hospital. His recovery has been hampered by pneumonia but he has recovered from that and is now also off the ventilator so we are all hoping for a speedy recovery.

Thumbs up!

Thursday 06. 10. 22. Today I walked to Dr Angus in Nebian which took about 50 minutes! I was too tired to walk back so I hitched a lift from a very nice man from the Haute Savoie who had been visiting his mother. I haven’t hitchhiked for over 60 years!


Thursday 06. 10. 22 On Tuesday I decided to get a tattoo as a souvenir of my time spent in Languedoc. It was all very painlessly done by Romain who has a shop just round the corner.

Chez Claire

Tuesday 04. 10. 22 Had a delicious lunch chez Claire yesterday. She showed me these necklaces which are her latest creations. If anyone is interested get in touch with Claire at claireberanger@free.fr

Tasty Birthday

Thursday 01. 09. 22 Claire and I celebrated our August birthdays today at Redouane’s in Clermont. Very tasty!

All Quiet on the Western Front

Monday 22. 08. 22 It is very quiet here since my house guests left yesterday.

Julia, Alex and Frank were here for 9 days and I think they enjoyed themselves. From canoeing on the Herault, visiting Villeneuvette, to swimming in the lake, swimming at Les Trois Digues, to wandering through Carcassonne and eating all those tasty meals. They seemed to have had a good time and I am looking forward to welcoming them again.

Aix en Provence

Thursday 18. 08. 22 Julia, Alex and I drove over to Aix. We had hoped to see Paul Cezanne’s atelier but it was all booked. We did to watch the video though. Everywhere was very crowded.

Le Tournesol 

Wednesday 17. 08. 22 We all had a delicious dinner at Le Tournesol last night before it rained!