Thursday 01. 09. 16 Spent the day with George and Laurene at the Turner show in Aix en Provence. An excellent, well curated show with a number of paintings that I had not seen before – Turner was indeed ahead of his time. Had a tasty lunch outside and then picked up a dessert of ice cream and strawberry and passion fruit jam sprinkled with granola on the street – delicious!

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Getting there


Thursday 25. 08. 16 Still working on this one.

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Sunday 21. 08. 16 Back working on the oil again this morning. Just back from a ride around the lake to Lodève where I saw an expo at the Musée de Lodève of Alexandre Hollan’s work. He only paints trees and all from around here. Interesting.

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Mono 2



Friday 19. 08. 16 Decided to colour in one of the monoprints using oils.

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Mas Bellevue



Thursday 18. 08. 16 Did this small watercolour of George’s vegetable garden whilst I was up at their house looking after Grappa.

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Tuesday 16. 08. 16 Did two monoprints today, I coated one plate with detergent and the other with Gum Arabic. This is the best version using Gum Arabic.

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Back to work




Monday 15. 08. 16 Started back on the painting of Les Negociants and also did the base drawing for a monoprint.

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French birthday



Sunday 14. 08. 16 Two photos taken by Ann Marie at my birthday last week which I celebrated chez Claire-Françoise. We all had a very good time and also enjoyed a breakfast the next day!

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St Medard en Jalles



Thursday 11. 08. 16 Just back from a week chez Marie-Pierre and Olivier. Went by train but came back by car which they have lent to me. Had a great time – good food, good wine, good conversation. Celebrated my birthday on the weekend, had a picnic besides a lake and went into Bordeaux a couple of times. Saw an interesting expo of prints and an intriguing video called Ellis narrated by Robert De Nero in a gallery in an old submarine base. The photo above is of a repurposed army barracks.

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I think this is going to be a complicated one!



Wednesday 03. 08. 16 Started a version of this yesterday but scrapped it and started afresh this afternoon. It is Les Négociants café on Market day in August – lots of people!

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