And this is a new one


Monday 10. 02. 14 This is the first in what I hope is a new series on trees.

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Ca commence


Monday 10. 03. 2014 I started this about a year ago but it seems to be finally coming together.

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Back in the studio



Monday 10. 03. 14 I think I am finally back into work mode. After a long wait I have got the above painting going again and have also got two more on the go.

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Sunday 23. 02. 14 Took a ride to Marseillan this morning and then on to Sète and Meze before coming back to Clermont. I shot a video of the ride but so far have not been able to download it from my iPod. Once I have done that I will put it up on the web. This is a view of Sète from across the étang at Meze. It was a beautiful morning.

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When in doubt



Friday 21. 02. 14 It is always hard to get back into the groove after being away. The above is a self portrait with my Turkish hat painted direct from life. I have also been working on some new monoprint techniques without success but with a great deal of frustration!!!

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Back home


Wednesday 12. 02. 14 Got back home on Monday afternoon and have been enjoying milder temperatures and no snow. Did the market and café this morning. Went for a ride around the lake this afternoon. Lots of plants just about to flower hopefully signalling the arrival of Spring

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Power Plant

photo 2MN-22-int-10

Sunday 02. 02. 14 Went to an installation here by Mike Nelson. The main feature was an installation made of of 4 Airstream trailers the oldest of which was made in 1939. I have always wondered what the inside of an Airstream looks like and now I know! It was also Daisy’s birthday today – she was 21.





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Ryerson Image Centre



Thursday 30. 01. 14 Saw 3 expos at the RIC this morning. The Phil Bergerson show was particularly good.

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Thursday 30. 01. 14 I finally tracked down Don Sutherland who hired me when I first came to Canada in 1965. He is 97. We have enjoyed two lunches together in his apartment in Toronto with his son Jock.

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TO skyline


Wednesday 22. 01. 14 I took the drawings for the above in to get a giclée made yesterday before starting on the prints. If anyone is interested in copies it is B&W and 42″ x 6″. All the drawings can be seen on the gallery Toronto Skyline.

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