Man in Café

Tuesday 07. 07. 20 This is a small painting of the first glass of the day in Les Négociants.

A Green oasis

Monday 06. 07. 20 This little park in Clermont commemorates the battle of Bir Hakeim in the Libyan desert from 27 May – 11 June 1942 where French soldiers held the Germans at bay. This morning went for a swim in the étang at Méze.


Sunday 05. 07. 20 We had a lively meeting last Friday. Besides Patrick, Gordon, Sandrine and Annie, Yvonne and Philippe were also there. One of the subjects discussed was Shewee of which there seems to be no French translation!!!!

A Gourmet Franglais

Friday 26. 06. 20 Today there were five of us and after some discussion on French beer and craft breweries, Philippe and I checked out the local beer! Afterwards I went to Philippe’s for lunch which was very tasty!

New decor

Monday 22. 06. 20 I did a new chalk drawing of my hanging basket for my bedroom wall this afternoon.

Franglais 2/3

Sunday 21. 06. 20 A new Franglais with Philippe and Gordon.

A Sunny afternoon

Thursday 18. 06. 20 Spent a very leisurely afternoon beside the pool at Dot & John’s.

A Seat in the sun

Saturday 13. 06. 20 Another scene from Veronica and Arthur’s garden in Niagara-on-the-Lake.