Back at it, finally



Tuesday 13. 01. 15 This morning is the first chance I have had for a while to get back in the studio. This is a portrait of my old friend Don Sutherland who is 98!

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Turner encore



Thursday 01. 12. 15 Went to see Mr Turner again and think I enjoyed it even more this time. Last night celebrated the New Year with Carole, Daisy, Alan & Lea, Jon & BB and Veronica & Arthur. A good time was had by all!!

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New gallery


Saturday 27. 12. 14 Have just added a new gallery From the Road with a video that I shot one lunch time last summer. I attached my iPod to the scooter with duct tape and then rode down the Bedarieux road to Villeneuvette. I will also add other “road” paintings to the gallery later.

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7 Rooms


Wednesday 17. 12. 14 This is a small edition of hand coloured prints of rooms that I have stayed in this year. The images are B&W printed on watercolour paper and then coloured with watercolours. All the images are from an on-going series of oil paintings which can be seen in Rooms with Views under galleries.

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The North


Friday 12. 12. 14 Back in Canada for Christmas. I went to Poppy’s Christmas Concert on Wednesday (she’s the one with the red ukelele) and of course it snowed yesterday – it must be Christmas in Canada!!!

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Thursday 04. 12. 14 Just back from a week in London with Carole. I saw a brilliant Kiefer show at the RA – a very extensive retrospective featuring paintings, sculptures, installations, watercolours, books etc – best show I have seen in London since the big Hockney show at the RA. Also saw Polke at Tate Modern and the Turner at Tate Britain, the Constable at the V&A and a small Hambling show at the National gallery. Besides all this gallery going we met Marie-Pierre and Olivier for the weekend and had a a great time wandering around the parks and the streets. We even had time to check out the lego Santa Claus at Covent Gardens and of course the lights and to see the movie Mr Turner.


Another grey, wet day


Tuesday 25. 11. 14 Another day in the studio so I worked on Boules and also did a small coloured pencil sketch of Gisèle’s pool on a brighter day.

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Clermont sportivs

Boules1LoRes Started this 100 x 80 cm painting this morning. It shows how some the local guys spend their summer afternoons.

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New galleries

Sunday 16. 11. 14 I have added 3 new galleries. London stations which is series of B&W monoprints of 7 stations; Altered landscapes which are old photos of Clermont updated with paintings and the Prostate journal which is a handmade journal in a box. I have also added to Canadian portraits and French portraits.

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Back in France


Tuesday 11. 11. 14 Back home and back at work. Did three small Rooms with a View paintings today. Carlton Street, St Mike’s and Skeleton Lake.

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