Back home

Friday 16. 02. 18 Got back home on Tuesday afternoon after spending Christmas in Toronto. I had a great time and I think that I managed to see everybody! Didn’t do any work at all but thought a lot and have a couple of projects that I want to work on. Today went for a ride around the lake – 16 degrees and sunny – a pleasant contrast to Toronto!

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The tree

Thursday 07. 12. 17 It has been a busy week finishing up Christmas presents, looking after Grappa and going to my last French class of the year. The big Christmas tree is now up by the church.

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Sunday 26. 11.17 Coming home from dinner last night at Le Terminus I noticed that the Christmas lights were on in Clermont.

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The Festive Season

Tuesday 21. 11. 17 Christmas is getting closer. Julia and Daisy were in the annual Santa Claus Parade in Toronto, meanwhile I am busy working on some paintings to give as gifts.

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York and London

Saturday 18.11. 17 Just got back in from a week in London and York with Julia and Daisy. I have always wanted to visit York and I wasn’t disappointed. A very accessible and fascinating place with its Roman and Viking history. Besides wandering around the town we visited two very modern museums – the York Castle Museum and the Jorvick Museum. The first covers all of York’s history and the second focusses on the Vikings. Both use very modern technology to get their message across. We also went to the excellent Railway Museum and Daisy and I went on a Ghost Walk.  After York we came back down to London and I went to various expos. Excellent Jasper Johns at the RA and Cézanne at the National Portrait Gallery. Also saw two good shows at Somerset house – one on the North and one on Sebald’s Melancholia. A stimulating week!

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Son et lumière

Wednesday 08. 11. 17 I have been back home a week now and have been busy painting. Today I went with Patricia to the Carrières de Lumières at Les Baux. I had seen previous shows there but this one was so much better. I’m not sure whether it was because it featured 3 artists or what but it was the best son et lumière that I have ever experienced. Afterwards we had lunch in Fontvielle and then went to the Musée Granet in Aix en Provence. This was much smaller than I had imagined it would be and was a bit of a disappointment – I hope the Cezanne show I’m seeing in London next week will be better!

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Ghost cruise

Sunday 29. 10. 17 Last night went on a ghost cruise out to Toronto Islands and the haunted lighthouse there. Jason, Poppy, Daisy and I went and had a good time but it was freezing out on the lake despite having blankets on the boat.

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A surprise

Wednesday 25. 10. 17 I flew into TO last Friday night in order to be here for Jason’s 50th birthday. I had only told Julia of my plan (I needed somewhere to stay Friday night) so spent Saturday at her house keeping a low profile. In the evening took the subway to Jason’s and walked in much to everyone’s surprise! It was a great party organized by Alisa and it was good to catch up with so many of Jason’s friends. Since then I have been buzzing around TO. Last night saw an interesting movie Loving Vincent animated in the style of Van Gogh’s painting.

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Busy times

Tuesday 17. 10. 17 It has been a busy week.  I was up at Mas Bellevue looking after Grappa for 3 days, went into Montpellier 3 times, twice to see doctors about my elbow and once to have lunch with Claire. Have just had time to do this sketch of the cactus that Daisy bought when she was here this summer.

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Saturday 07. 10.17 Went to a really interesting expo of prints this afternoon at the Musée de Lodève.

Besides Rembrandt, Goya and Piranese there were prints by Degas and Bonnard plus others previously unknown to me. Also techniques like Cliché Verre that I had never heard of! Well worth the trip paricularly on a bright Fall afternoon.

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