Toe Much

Wednesday 08. O2. 2023 Carole had her toes operated on and now Poppy has had hers too!

Only on Sunday

Sunday 05. 02. 2023 Got caught on camera by Bishop Jenny at church this morning.

Daisy’s Birthday 2

Sunday 05. 02. 2023 We had another celebration yesterday at Alisa’s and Jason’s with all the family present and homemade pizzas and a delicious cake. 


Friday 03. 02. 2023 This is what I miss on Fridays!

Daisy’s 30th

Thursday 02. 02. 23 Today was Daisy’s 30th birthday. Julia, Daisy, and I celebrated at a vegan restaurant on the Danforth with a very tasty meal.


Tuesday 24. 01. 23 Met up with Laurie and Erich at the Gardiner Museum where we had a very tasty lunch. We also saw a great new exhibition by Karine Goboulo. Over 500 figures made out of clay all in contemporary domestic settings. A very witty show, well worth seeing.

Friday 13th

Friday 13. 01. 22 It snowed overnight and this morning so instead of Aquafit I cleared the driveway. Exhausting! And nobody to talk to.

Christmas Day

Sunday 25. 12. 22 Everyone had a great day with lots presents and delicious food. We started off at Jason’s where we opened our presents and had breakfast. We then went on to Carole’s where we had a delicious dinner withe all the trimmings. A great family day!

Christmas Card

Saturday 17. 12. 22 It is interesting to see how well my card fits into people’s decor!

Christmas is a comin’

Sunday 11. 12. 22 We had our first snowfall last night and today. Not enough to inconvenience anyone but a reminder that Santa might be on his way soon!