Thursday 07. 08. 14 Just back from 3 days in Paris with Daisy. Very busy. Highlights were an expo of Martial Raysse at the Pompidou and the permanent collection of Aboriginal art at the Musée du Quai Branly. We also managed to finally get to the Père Lachaise cemetery. This is Daisy waiting in the rain outside our hotel yesterday.

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La petite Reine dans la vitrine


Thursday 31. 07. 14 Poppy at the window at her house.

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Wildflowers, A75 and a white van!



Monday 28. 07. 14 I don’t think I will be doing much painting for the next month as I have Daisy arriving tomorrow and then Jason and Poppy in August so the painting of the A75near Paulhan will get a chance to dry out. The new chalk drawing over my bed is based on a bunch of flowers I picked yesterday.

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Not quite


Sunday 27. 07. 14 I have hung the new landscape over the fireplace so that I see it every day and can decide whether it is finished or not. So far I have touched it up twice and know there is at least one other change to do before it is finished. Here it is placed above the Toronto skyline drawing and the Aussie boots painting.

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Last room with a view


Friday 25. 07. 14 This is the view from my room at Jason’s house in Toronto. I also worked on the Australian landscape today and the A75 – I think that the Aussie landscape may even be finished.

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Big Australian landscape



Tuesday 22. 07. 14 Still a bit more to go on this one. The small one is Cockatoo Island which is in Sydney harbour. It has seen many uses from a prison to a factory and currently it is one of the sites of the Sydney Biennale show.

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Monday 21. 07. 14 Reorganized studio a bit today and put 4 m of brackets up to display the small 8 x 10s. Worked again on the big Australian landscape and the A75 and did a small painting in the Windows series – this time from the Mas Bellevue.

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Pool painting


Sunday 20. 07. 14 This is the almost mandatory pool painting after my house/cat sitting sojourn chez Le Mas Bellevue. I also worked on the big Australian landscape and the A75.

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Bastille Day



Friday 18. 07. 14 This is a small painting of the parade through Clermont last Monday. The other is Brian working at Miller’s Springs,

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More Australia and my kitchen



Monday 14. 07. 14 Worked some more on the Australian landscape and then did a small painting of the view from my kitchen window.

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