Herts & Glos



Tuesday 30. 06. 15 Just finished two more 8x10s from my trip to England before heading north to Scandinavia. Lawrence in the woods near his house and the station at Kemble.

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¬†Friday 26. 06. 15 Finally had to face going back into the studio. Always a problem when I have been away is to get back down to work. So I have started with a small painting of Carole’s cousin Chris’ view out across her garden and beyond. It has to be one of the best views in Essex.

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The Yellow House


Saturday 20. 06. 15 I am now house sitting George & Laurene’s newly painted yellow house. It is warm and windy with the deafening sound of the cicadas vibrating in the background – it must be summer!!!

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Thursday 18. 06. 15 Had an early start today as Carole had to take the train to the airport at 6 am. I went back to the hotel for breakfast and then saw a terrific expo at the Munch museum Munch/Van Gogh. Interesting parallels between the two artists and again I was surprised by Munch’s work. Took the train to Rygge in the afternoon and then flew back to Beziers in the evening. The photo is the Millau bridge.

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Tuesday 16. 06. 15 We started the day by taking the bus to the art museum which was disappointing. However we then went to the Archeological museum which was great with a really good expo on the Vikings. From there did the sardine canning factory and workman’s house. Both excellent. Finished up having a beer inthe afternoon sunshine.

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Monday 15. 06. 15 Arrived here early afternoon. Cool around 10 degrees. Checked out old town. Two types of accommodation – wooden houses or cruise ships.

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Sunday 14. 06. 15 Spent the day exploring Bergen. Saw some interesting collections of Norwegian art including Edvard Munch who did so much more than The Scream! 

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Fjords and fells

Saturday 13. 06. 15 Spent the morning in Flam and then took the boat along the fjord to Gudvangen through stunning scenery. From there we took a bus to Voss including the road with 13 hairpin bends. From Voss we continued by train to Bergen. On arrival we discovered that there is a show tonight at our hotel by world famous DJ Kygo – who of course we have never heard of!!! 

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Friday 12. 06. 15 Took the train from Oslo to Flam today – the world’s steepest railway. Rose right up into Tundra-like country with very little vegetation but with glacier carved valleys and fast running streams. Quite spectacular. 

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Train trouble

Thursday 11. 06. 15 Another exciting day on the trains. Took the 8am train from Stockholm to Oslo. After 2 hours travelling through a Muskoka like landscape they announced that there was a power problem. We all got out and eventually boarded buses and continued our journey for another hour and a half when we stopped at Karlstad and boarded another train for a couple of hours before another announcement. We descended again and were told to wAit for a bus to Oslo. One bus arrived and the rest of us were told to board yet another train. We finally arrived at our destination at 5.30pm not 1.45pm as scheduled!! A busy and frustrating day, however, we are now checked and are going out for dinner and a drink!!! 

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