Remembrance Day


Tuesday 21. 02. 17 Finally started painting. This one is going to take a while!

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New Mojo


Saturday 18. 02. 17 I’m now back home and after not doing anything for 2 months am now full of ideas for new projects. I’m not sure quite why this is but suspect that it is partly due to a book I have been reading called Making Connections by David Gauntlett. I did the above small Dutch landscape, based on a photo by my Dutch friend Fey,  as a warm-up and am now working on a larger painting of Remembrance Day. Plus I’m thinking about a series of family portraits combining words and monoprints. I have also sent prints of my Equipe Française off to the students at the hospital in Montpellier. It is good to be busy again.

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Lasting memories




Tuesday 14. 02. 17 Just got back home from my Christmas trip to Toronto. The hearts on the door were Alisa’s idea – we each had to write something about each other each day for the first 14 days in February. Not as easy as you think and a good exercise in making you think about other people. The other photo is Poppy modelling the hat and scarf that Jason made her on his new knitting loom. He is trying to knit instead of fiddling with his iPhone or falling asleep in front of the TV!!!!

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Cuba 2


Friday 20. 01. 17 Got back from our trip to Cuba last night. A great week –  no painting but sunshine, sea and lots of good conversation.

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Thursday 12. 01. 17 Have had another great Christmas and New Year here in Toronto and am off for a week in Cuba today. Besides sea and sunshine and no WiFi am hoping to get back into some drawing.

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Mon équipe Française


Tuesday 06. 12. 16 Started this small painting this morning of the group of medical students that followed my doctor around whilst I was in the Arnaud de Villeneuve hospital last week.

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Saturday 03. 12. 16 Went with Patricia to Beziers today and en route home stopped at Grau d’Agde for a coffee. Reminded me why I live here!

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London, Bordeaux






Sunday 27. 11. 16 Just back from a trip to Bordeaux where I saw Marie-Pierre and Olivier, the Dordogne where I stayed with Marie-Annick and Hervé and London where I met Carole, Julia and Daisy and saw Carol. Highlights were seeing M-A & H’s new house, the Kentridge show at the Whitechapel and the Kiefer show at the White Cube Bermondsey and of course the Christmas lights.

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Remembrance Day




Saturday 12. 11. 16 It has been an odd few days. My laptop went into a deep sleep which left me with only my iPod and then the car has been temperamental,  however I seem to be over this phase now and hopefully everything will continue to work. Yesterday went to the annual Remembrance Day ceremony here. Less people than last year.

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Tuesday 01. 11. 16 Went to the cemetery today at noon after seeing Paul for coffee and then did this painting of the flower sellers.

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