Giono encore

Sunday 14. 03. 21 Did this drawing on sepia paper today and am wondering whether this miught be a better medium for my Jean Giono project


Saturday 13. 03. 21 Haven’t done a painting for a while. I did this small sketch this afternoon of an old house just near the HyperU in Clermont which is now used as a Community Centre.


Friday 12. 03. 21 Spent the day making Easter cards for Daisy and Poppy. Don’t want to show them here as I want them to be a surprise.

Another Mono

Tuesday 09. 03. 21 Coloured in another mono today but am not sure about these now. I think that I might try doing just monos in sepia but will have to wait a week as the atelier is not open this Thursday. Joan is on vacation.


Friday 05. 03. 21 Had lunch with Claire in her garden today.


Wednesday 03. 03. 21 Did this drawing of ladies doing their washing in preparation for a monoprint tomorrow.

More monos

Sunday 28. 02. 21 Spent the afternoon working on this monoprint.


Saturday 27. 02. 21 The studio is pretty full up these days, there is hardly room to work! I have been putting off sorting it out for ages but think that it is now time. If you see anything on this site that you would be interested in buying please let me know. It all helps!

A couple more

Wednesday 24. 02. 21 Another two ready for my morning at the Atelier tomorrow.


Monday 22. 02. 21 Another baseline drawing for a monoprint.