Saint monoprints


Tuesday 03. 11. 15 Did some monoprints today of some of the saints that I saw on the streets of Malta.

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Balconies and Saints



Thursday 29. 10. 15 This is a small painting that I did this morning of Valletta. There seemed to be a shrine on nearly every street corner!

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Tuesday 27. 10. 15 Just back from 10 days in Malta with Julia. Interesting part of the world, steeped in history from Neolithic temples to WWII bomb shelters. Many huge and beautiful churches towering over a harsh, garrigue-like landscape.

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More Calvaires


Saturday 03. 10 15 I have been working on some drawings in preparation for my graveur class which begins next Tuesday but this afternoon got back to painting and started this Calvaire which is between Salasc and Octon.

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Wednesday 30. 09. 15 Went with Claire yesterday to the Auvergne to pick up a sculpture. En route we stopped in Beynac where we had lunch with Michel and Michele in their pre-Revolution farm house. This is a sketch of Michel washing up. Today finally finished my book on Le Rhônel which I sent of to be printed.

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Les Calvaires


Friday 25. 09. 15 I think I may have found my new motif. It is Calvaires which are crosses which dot the landscape around here usually at the edge of a vineyard or a field. They all apparently commemorate a death but there is rarely a name or date. I have been in touch with Mission Patrimoniale to try and find out the stories behind each cross.

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Les pêches encore


Friday 18. 09. 15 Did a quick sketch this afternoon..

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Thursday 17. 09. 15 Just got back from 5 days in Barcelona with Carole and Daisy.  It was a busy trip stimulated with the exuberance of both Gaudi and Picasso.

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Sunday 06. 09. 15 A lazy summer Sunday. A swim in the étang at Meze this morning and a book this afternoon.

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Saturday 05. 09. 15 I have been doing a number of drawings of various random objects whilst I try to write a script in French and English to go with Le Rhônel drawings

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