Tuesday 04. 02. 21 Spent my second session at Joan’s atelier this morning working on my monoprints. It went well.

50 Years Ago

Thursday 28. 01. 21 My old friend Tina from my newpress days recently sent me this photo. I was about the same age as Daisy is now when it was taken! Spent the morning today in Octon at Joan’s atelier working on my new monoprints.

New Decor

Tuesday 26. 01. 21 Did a new chalk drawing for my bedroom wall this morning.

More signs

Monday 25. 01. 21 Did this small oil painting of the tulips this afternoon.

Signs of Spring

Sunday 24. 01. 21 Did this quick little sketch at breakfast this morning of some tulips that I bought yesterday.

News of the World

Saturday 23. 01. 21 Did another base drawing for another monoprint.

The Shepherd

Friday 22. 01. 21 This is the base drawing for the first in my new monoprint series inspired by the writings of Jean Giono.

Winter Market

Monday 18. 01. 21 The market is pretty sparse these days what with it being winter and the virus.

Cool studio

Monday 11. 01. 21 It is quite cool today so did this small still life in the kitchen. I have ordered a portable heater for the studio but it won’t be here until Thursday!

New Project

Friday 08. 01. 21 I think that I have a new project. I am reading Que Ma Joie Demeure by Jean Giono and I’m hoping to do a set of monoprints based on the book and archival photos.