Coffee table still life


Thursday 27. 08. 15 Worked today on my coffee table. It is an Ikea table in some kind of bleached pseudo wood and I’ve never really liked it. I have decided to do a still life on it, a kind of trompe d’oeil of the usual clutter.

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An experiment



Saturday 22. 08. 15 Because I have enjoyed drawing Le Rhônel I thought that I would try a drawing on canvas and then paint it with thin glazes allowing the drawing to show through. The above is the result. I think more experiments are in order.

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Le Rhônel


Saturday 22. 08. 15 I have finally finished the drawings and have put them all in a gallery on the website.

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Thursday 20. 08. 15 I think that this is finally finished.

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After the rain


Saturday 15. 08.15 This is the normal state of the canal. Quite a contrast!

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Le Rhônel drawings


Friday 14.8.15 Started a series of 12 drawings on parchmount 35 x 50 cm which I will paint over in oils. I have done 7 so far.

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Thursday 13. 08. 15 There was a storm today at midi which showed le Rhônel in full spate!

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Wednesday 12. 08. 15 Drove to Nîmes yesterday with Claire to celebrate her birthday. Saw an interesting expo called Biographical Forms and then had a delicious lunch also at the Carrée d’Art.

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Les moutons volants


Monday 10. 08. 15 Was riding along the D15 between Cabières and Roujon when I saw this sign. Didn’t see any flying sheep though!

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Thursday 06. 08. 15 Rode over to Claire’s in Montpellier to celebrate my birthday. We had a delicious Cambodian lunch – very tasty – and she made me this  – a souvenir of my canoeing days in Georgian Bay.

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