St Valentine’s Day



Thursday 12. 02. 15 Made a Valentine card for both Daisy and Poppy today.

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Thursday 12. 02. 15 Did this drawing of the Don Valley Parkways as seen from the subway on the Bloor viaduct. Again on mylar and I’m hoping to paint in oil on the reverse side.

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More mylar



Wednesday 11. 02. 15 This is part of my exploration of mylar as a ground for drawing and painting. I did this drawing of the pool at the YMCA here in Toronto using coloured pencils. My next is going to be oil on mylar of the Don Valley Parkway. I also want to experiment with the transparent qualities of mylar maybe drawing on one side and painting on the other.

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Finally dry!


Monday 09. 02. 15 This is a painting using oil pastels on mylar. It is the view from the house looking south across Dundas Street. I drew it using oil pastels and then painted it by adding linseed oil. It takes forever to dry!!!

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Monday 09. 02. 15 Daisy and I went to a bookbinding workshop in Cabbagetown yesterday. It was run by Carolyn Eady of Sprouts Press. We each made a book and learned some new skills.

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Oh Grandad



Sunday 01. 02. 15 We celebrated Daisy’s 22nd birthday today and I had a bit of a problem with the whipped cream!!





Thursday 29. 01. 15 Just back from a wonderful weekend with Martin and Beryl. We mainly stayed indoors as it was cold but we did watch a very interesting movie called The Mill and the Cross based on a Peter Breughel painting – well worth viewing.

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Nanuk of the North


Wednesday 21. 01. 15 When in doubt as to what to draw, do a self portrait! I did this drawing this morning using oil pastels on mylar. On the topic of self portraits, there is an exhibition at the Turner Gallery in Margate this Spring. I am hoping to see it when I get back home.

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Back at it, finally



Tuesday 13. 01. 15 This morning is the first chance I have had for a while to get back in the studio. This is a portrait of my old friend Don Sutherland who is 98!

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Turner encore



Thursday 01. 12. 15 Went to see Mr Turner again and think I enjoyed it even more this time. Last night celebrated the New Year with Carole, Daisy, Alan & Lea, Jon & BB and Veronica & Arthur. A good time was had by all!!

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