Spring flowers


Saturday 18. 04. 15 Finally did a new drawing for my bedroom wall. Tulips that George and Laurene put on my kitchen table to welcome me home.

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Spring encore


Sunday 12. 04. 15 After a good night’s sleep I reconnected the battery for the scooter and was amazed that it started first time after 4 months! It was warm and sunny so took a drive around the lake. The landscape was blooming, wild irises, gorse and broom, leaves on the trees, wonderful. The smell of the broom was intoxicating. it is good to be back.

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Spring in the Hérault


Saturday 11. 04. 15 These are the flowers that greeted me when I came home this afternoon. Put there by Laurene and George. Had a good flight back home and was greeted with a warm, sunny Spring landscape with Broom blooming everywhere.

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Wednesday 08. 04. 15 Went to the airport yesterday to fly home and discovered that there was a flight controllers strike and that all flights to Montpellier were cancelled! Vive la France! Rebooked for friday in the hope that all will be back to normal by then. So today went to an interesting show of videos at the Power Plant. The videos on Stuart Hall and Patrice Lumumba were particularly good.

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Ryan icon



Monday 06. 04. 15 I saw Geoff and Sandy last week and Geoff showed me this painting that he had done for his parents. It is in the style of Andrei Rublev a Russian iconographer. The main three figures are his grandfather, Geoff and his Dad with Geoff’s son in the top left hand corner playing soccer. It is hard to see from the photo but there are loads of icons buried within the painting and there are also pieces of text. It is brilliant!!

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More big drawings


Tuesday 24. 03. 15 Another blown up drawing from mylar this time coloured in with coloured pencils.

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More demolition


Monday 23. 03. 15 I did this small painting of the demolition site at Yonge and College this morning.

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Thursday 19. 03. 15 This afternoon went with Jon to see the Douglas Coupland expo at Mocca. Some interesting stuff like the re-interpretation of Group of 7 paintings and his Lego constructions but other pieces seemed just to be somewhat random collections of Canadiana. Worth seeing though.

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Oil pastel



Monday 16. 03. 15 I coloured the big drawing using oil pastels instead of oil paints as originally planned.

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The Cloud of Unknowing



Thursday 12. 03. 15 I have been thinking a lot about this  unsettling video installation which I saw at Trinity Video earlier this week. It is based on a medieval manuscript on meditation. I spoke to a lady at my meditation class and she has read it several times and thinks it is terrific. I have ordered the book so that I can compare the text and the video.

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