Empty Garden

Friday 15. 05. 20 I’m sure Sandrine’s garden won’t be empty for long now that the lockdown has been eased. I have just counted all my Garden paintings and am surprised that I have done 37!

Back to the trees

Thursday 14. 05. 20 A frustrating day today. I had bought a Gelli Plate to do some monoprints but I don’t think it is for me. Afterwards I went back to working on Dancing Trees.

From the Garden to Boats

Wednesday 13. 05. 20 My friend Chris in Toronto, an old salt and ex journalist, has started painting a boat a day.

Hérault Spring

Tuesday 12. 05. 20 The poppies are coming out near Lac du Salagou.


Monday 11. 05. 20 A change of pace. This is an oil pastel of the Tramway in Montpellier before the lockdown.

Mont Visous and a baker

Friday 08. 05. 20 Today a French landscape and a Canadian baker. The landscape is from Sandrine’s photo of Mont Visous and the Canadian is Erich baking Laurie’s favourite Parmesan crackers.

Chat de garde

Thursday 07. 05. 20 This is a portrait of Sandrine’s cat ‘Plume‘. Cats are not easy to paint!

A Pool day

Wednesday 06. 05. 20 Two pools, Gisèle’s in Ceyras and Marie-Pierre’s in St Medard en Jalles.