Big Australian landscape



Tuesday 22. 07. 14 Still a bit more to go on this one. The small one is Cockatoo Island which is in Sydney harbour. It has seen many uses from a prison to a factory and currently it is one of the sites of the Sydney Biennale show.

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Monday 21. 07. 14 Reorganized studio a bit today and put 4 m of brackets up to display the small 8 x 10s. Worked again on the big Australian landscape and the A75 and did a small painting in the Windows series – this time from the Mas Bellevue.

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Pool painting


Sunday 20. 07. 14 This is the almost mandatory pool painting after my house/cat sitting sojourn chez Le Mas Bellevue. I also worked on the big Australian landscape and the A75.

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Bastille Day



Friday 18. 07. 14 This is a small painting of the parade through Clermont last Monday. The other is Brian working at Miller’s Springs,

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More Australia and my kitchen



Monday 14. 07. 14 Worked some more on the Australian landscape and then did a small painting of the view from my kitchen window.

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Sunday 13. 07. 14 Went to Montpellier yesterday and went with Claire to an expo of Viallat at the Musée Farbre. He did a lot with a little!!

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New big landscapes





Thursday 10. 07. 14 Worked on a couple of large landscapes today. Ayer’s Rock and the A75 near Paulhan plus my room at Miller’s Springs in the Kangaroo valley. A busy day.

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Another room and Ned



Wednesday 09. 07. 14 This is the view from the Ibis in Cairns and the other is Ned Kelly waiting in Brian’s old Toyota – a variation on the French white vans.

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New room


Tuesday 08. 07. 14 Did another room this morning – the view from the Desert Garden Hotel in Ayer’s Rock. Also started work on a big landscape of the A75.

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Yet more Australian landscapes



Sunday 06. 07. 14 Have decided to try and and combine landscapes with other aspects of Australian life. Here is an Aboriginal dancer at the un- named falls at Miller’s Springs. Watch out for Ned Kelly coming up soon!!!

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