Victoria Day

Monday 18. 05. 20 Had a day off today and rode around Lac du Salagou. 26°, Tshirt and shorts. Wonderful!

Signs of Spring

Sunday 17. 05. 20 The first tulips are just coming out in my daughter Julia’s Toronto front garden.

Back to Belarga

Saturday 16. 05. 20 This is another view of Maddy and David’s beautiful back garden.

Empty Garden

Friday 15. 05. 20 I’m sure Sandrine’s garden won’t be empty for long now that the lockdown has been eased. I have just counted all my Garden paintings and am surprised that I have done 37!

Back to the trees

Thursday 14. 05. 20 A frustrating day today. I had bought a Gelli Plate to do some monoprints but I don’t think it is for me. Afterwards I went back to working on Dancing Trees.

From the Garden to Boats

Wednesday 13. 05. 20 My friend Chris in Toronto, an old salt and ex journalist, has started painting a boat a day.

Hérault Spring

Tuesday 12. 05. 20 The poppies are coming out near Lac du Salagou.


Monday 11. 05. 20 A change of pace. This is an oil pastel of the Tramway in Montpellier before the lockdown.