My Lucky Day

Friday February 02. 02. 2024
Had an accident this morning at Warden and Kingston Road. I was crossing Kingston Road going north and a car coming south and turning west hit me. The driver had stopped then started again, didn’t see me and hit me. Luckily nothing was broken except my glasses. I had one stitch above my eye. Spent 5 hours in Scarboro hospital.

Death of a Salesman

Saturday 27. 01. 2024
Julia and I went to see this last night at the Scarboro Community Centre. It was brilliant. All the cast were very professional. Looking forward to seeing their next production which is Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling.


Monday 01 01 2024

Wishing all of you 
A Happy and Exciting New Year!

Local Lights

Saturday 09. 12 2023 Went for a drive around the neighbourhood with Julia and Daisy to see the Christmas lights.

First Snow

Thursday 07. 12. 2023 It snowed last night. Not a lot but wet and heavy!

Christmas is a comin’

Sunday 03. 12. 2023 Julia has set up the Christmas tree in the Living Room. Now we are just waiting for Santa Claus!

Chef’s House

Friday 24. 11. 2023 Daisy took me to lunch yesterday at the Chef’s House. Delicious as always.

Christmas Tree

Friday 17. 11. 2023 Carole and Julia beneath the Book Christmas tree at Charing Cross station in London.


Thursday 26. 10. 2023 Went with Virginia to see this expo this afternoon. He doesn’t just shoot the people, he really captures their character.