Water colour

Saturday 20. 02. 21 Coloured in this one. Still not sure which I prefer.

Shepherd 2

Saturday 20. 02. 21 This is the second monoprint of The Shepherd. Still thinking about colour.

First Monoprint

Friday 19. 02. 21 This is the first one. Now I have to decide whether to colour it or not!

Another one

Wednesday 17. 02. 21 Jean Giono with a horse.

Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday 16. 02. 21 Did another baseline drawing for my monoprints series and then made pancakes instead of my usual tart. They were delicious.

Two Shepherds on Valentine’s Day

Sunday 14. 02. 21 Did another base drawing for another monoprint today and also baked a Valentine’s tart to eat with my mid afternoon tea.


Monday 08. 02. 21 I started this portrait of Bruno today and am quite pleased with it so far. I also got my first vaccination at the hospital in Clermont today.

Not quite right yet

Friday 05. 02. 21 This is the first proof of the first of my monoprints on Le Monde de Jean Giono. I need to go back to the press!


Tuesday 04. 02. 21 Spent my second session at Joan’s atelier this morning working on my monoprints. It went well.

50 Years Ago

Thursday 28. 01. 21 My old friend Tina from my newpress days recently sent me this photo. I was about the same age as Daisy is now when it was taken! Spent the morning today in Octon at Joan’s atelier working on my new monoprints.