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Sunday 14. 10. 18 This is a new series showing the ride from Carole & Julia’s old house on Carlton St to Jason’s at Pape. I’m planning on turning them into a book. It is a combination of a B&W print and a watercolour.

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Studio day

Saturday 13. 10. 18 Another busy day in the studio working on Café St Georges and Fête de Victoire Parade plus I also drew in Picardie and worked on Bassin d’Arcachon.

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Le Marché aux Puces

Thursday 11. 10. 18 Back in the studio again and I’m trying to finish up some old ones and have started 2 new ones. It feels good. The is the flea market held every Sunday in Clermont.

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First drawing

Friday 10. 08. 18 I was looking through some old papers for the receipt for my canoe when I came across this drawing. It must be one of my first, done when I was 5.

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Musée de Lodève


Sunday 08. 07. 18 Rode over to the new renovated museum this morning. It is a lot bigger and they have done a great job on the renos but I still find it an odd mix with the Paul Dardé sculptures and the archeological exhibits. Did this little watercolour in the afternoon.

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Saturday 07. 07. 18 Was clearing up the studio and noticed that I hadn’t done any small  watercolours for a while.

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A nice idea, but…

Friday 15. 06. 18 Here is another one from our trip. This time it is a monoprint of the Dutch landscape overprinted on my journal plus our friends in acrylic. Unfortunately it didn’t work!

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Tuesday 10. 04. 18 Did these two drawings today of guys repairing a roof and another man just standing around watching. I have also started a small oil painting of the same scene.

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A Studio day



Sunday 08. 04. 18 Did another coloured pencil sketch of tulips today, this time on tinted paper and then did this TO Skyline using oil pastels. Also did the 8th postcard.

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Fresh Tulips


Wednesday 04. 04. 18 Bought some fresh tulips today from Lidl and did this coloured pencil sketch of them while I’m waiting for the paint to dry on some paintings.

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