Final postcard and a sign of Spring

Wednesday 16. 05. 18 This is the last postcard in the series. The poppies were in a field near Gisèle’s house.

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Last but one

Friday 04. 05. 18 Did my last but one postcard today for the Naughties.

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Wednesday 02. 05. 18 Just back from 5 days in a damp, cold London. Saw some interesting expos, the highlights of which were the Degas show at the National Portrait Gallery and the David Mine at the Dulwich. Also did both Tates and the Saatchi. The Tate needs to get its act together as all the shows there were so overcrowded – they need to get timed attendances organised. The James Cook Voyages at the British Library was also very good. Besides that enjoyed some bitter, sausages & mash and fish & chips.

The photo is a sculpture on the platform at Brixton.

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Le printemps est arrivé


Tuesday 17. 04. 18 I rode to Meze today as it was warm 25 degrees and sunny. People were sunbathing and even in the sea! It was warm enough to ride the scooter without a jacket so I’m hoping that Spring is here, finally.

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Tuesday 10. 04. 18 Did these two drawings today of guys repairing a roof and another man just standing around watching. I have also started a small oil painting of the same scene.

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A Studio day



Sunday 08. 04. 18 Did another coloured pencil sketch of tulips today, this time on tinted paper and then did this TO Skyline using oil pastels. Also did the 8th postcard.

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Fresh Tulips


Wednesday 04. 04. 18 Bought some fresh tulips today from Lidl and did this coloured pencil sketch of them while I’m waiting for the paint to dry on some paintings.

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Signs of Spring

Saturday 31. 03. 18 Walking up the main drag this morning I noticed this giant flower pot.

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Carrières de Lumières

Wednesday 21. 03. 18 Went to Les Baux today with Patricia to see this show. Spectacular and “Une Immersion” as they say here. Check out the video link with Les Baux above.

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Postcard 6

Tuesday 20. 03. 18 A frustrating day. I have been trying to do a monoprint and have tried 4 times but I can’t seem to make it work! So I did the 6th postcard. 

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