My 82nd Birthday was spent at Clive’s cottage with the family.

Happy Birthday Grandad
This year has been hard but I’ve been so grateful to not only to have you in my life but in person with me, from going out to breakfast, to our dinners, whether at Nana’s house or at ours, your conversations have always kept my mind at ease. The conversations I have had with you have been stimulating to say the least. I didn’t know how much I needed not only a grandad but a Peter in my life, not just as a grandfather. I feel as if our conversations have molded my views on the world from art to human rights. I feel so grateful and full of love and life to have you in my life.

I will forever make funny faces at you during dinner and giggle at your jokes. And I will forever appreciate everything you have done for me as well as taught me.

Happy Birthday Old Fart
I love you so much

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