Où sont les autres?

Friday 12. 06. 20 Went to Franglais today but only Annie and I were there! Not sure where everybody else was, perhaps it was the rain? We had a coffee and chatted for a bit and then both headed home. My Franglais book has arrived from Blurb and looks good.

The Dell

Thursday 11. 06. 20 A secret place in Veronica and Arthur’s wonderful garden in Niagara-on-the-Lake

A Belgian garden

Wednesday 10. 07. 20 This is Danielle and Pierre’s garden in Usclas with one of their interesting sculptures.

A new series

Sunday 07. 06. 20 We had our first Franglais meeting last Friday at Le Terminus. This is the first in a new series. I am publishing the whole of the first series on Blurb.

A Virtual hug

Friday 05. 06. 20 This gigantic, life-size poster arrived today from my youngest granddaughter in Toronto. Thank you Poppy!


Tuesday 02. 06. 20 Have started working on a book of my Franglais drawings.

My garden

Thursday 28. 05. 20 I bought the geraniums and the hanging basket at the market yesterday.

Walking the dog

Saturday 23. 05. 20 This is Daisy, my granddaughter on her daily walk with Peaches.

A new view

Friday 22. 05. 20 This was the view from my living room window – my neighbour’s wall so I have painted the view of Sète from Mèze on to a screen. A bit more inspiring!

Another Franglais garden

Thursday 21. 05. 20 This is the beautiful garden of Béatrice and Philippe, neighbours of George and Laurene. Béatrice also comes to my Franglais class.