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Friday 03. 08. 18 Just back from an exciting trip to see Martin and Beryl. Martin and I went into Ottawa and managed to get to the Cube Gallery, The National Gallery and The Table where Suzette was exhibiting. I also had lunch with Roy and Suzette at the Yellow Canoe. Plus we watched 8 episodes of Better Call Saul – busy times!

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House on Parliament

Saturday 28. 07. 18 Had lunch with Stan and Marg at the HOP yesterday. Bizarre seeing them in Toronto instead of Clermont.

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Tuesday 24. 07. 18 Just back from a couple of days chez Veronica and Arthur. We had a great time with some tasty meals, good chats and a wander through town. Here is a Cardinal on their bird feeder.

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Santa Maria

Tuesday 17. 07. 18 Rode to the beach in Mèze this morning but it was quite windy so continued on to Séte where this replica of the Santa Maria is moored for a few days. I am always surprised at how small these ships were.

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Tuesday 10. 07. 18 I have been reading John Ruskin’s The Elements of Drawing and keep meaning to do some plein air sketches but I get distracted by the sunshine and warm water as at Mèze today.

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Musée de Lodève


Sunday 08. 07. 18 Rode over to the new renovated museum this morning. It is a lot bigger and they have done a great job on the renos but I still find it an odd mix with the Paul Dardé sculptures and the archeological exhibits. Did this little watercolour in the afternoon.

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Saturday 07. 07. 18 Was clearing up the studio and noticed that I hadn’t done any small  watercolours for a while.

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Summer is here


Monday 25. 06. 18 And the living is easy. Finally made it to Trois Digues today for the first time this year. Wonderful, the sea was refreshing but not cold.

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Father’s Day

Tuesday 19. 06. 18 This is from Daisy’s Facebook page. I couldn’t have wished for a better Father’s Day present.

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A nice idea, but…

Friday 15. 06. 18 Here is another one from our trip. This time it is a monoprint of the Dutch landscape overprinted on my journal plus our friends in acrylic. Unfortunately it didn’t work!

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