An Idea

Friday 21. 08. 20 After hearing the new mayor’s speech yesterday I thought that I would send him my idea of putting posters of local paintings in the empty shop windows to brighten and inform the streets of Clermont. I sent this along to the Mairie and will be interested to see if there is any response.


Sunday 16. 08. 20 Philippe brought back a bottle of Chouchen from his trip back to Brittany and we all enjoyed a taste.


Saturday 08. 08. 2020 M. Fabre is often found pacing outside his Men’s Clothing shop on the Grande Rue. Also did a new Franglais based on our discussion of European and Breton history.


Thursday 06. 08. 20 I’m 79 today!!!

Dancing Trees

Friday 31. 07. 20 I think I have finally finished this one after working on it off and on for over a year. Plus did today’s Franglais. A busy day!

La Bretagne

Friday 24. 07. 20 This Franglais was inspired by a discussion on Brittany and their local beverages.”Yec’hed mat!” is Breton for Cheers. La Grolle de Savoie is a sort of teapot with several spouts, often in wood, from where you can drink Chouchenn.

Back in Canada

Wednesday 22. 07.20 This is the view that Charis has from her house in Western Bay, Newfoundland.

Rabelais et al

Tuesday 21. 07. 20 This the Franglais from last Friday where we talked about Rabelais, Montaigne and Ronsard.