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Wednesday 21. 11. 18 Just back from a week in London with Carole, Julia and Daisy. Did the usual round of galleries, went to Windsor for the day and even managed to see Bohemian Rhapsody – a busy week.

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Remembrance day

Monday 12. 11. 18 Yesterday I walked down to the small local ceremony at the war memorial at 11 am and then I also went to an excellent choral concert at St Paul’s with old photos on a screen – they even sang It’s a long way to Tipperary!!!

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Sunday 04. 10. 18 Met Claire for lunch in Montpellier yesterday. We had an excellent Couscous outside on the esplanade in the sunshine and then afterwards went to a photo expo at the Pavillon Populaire. An interesting show on the American Civil Rights Movement in the 60s by mainly local journalists. And it was free!!

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A Life

Wednesday 17. 10.18 Spent yesterday on my visual biography as a book on Blurb based on the postcards that I sent Daisy and Poppy earlier this year.

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Sunday 14. 10. 18 This is a new series showing the ride from Carole & Julia’s old house on Carlton St to Jason’s at Pape. I’m planning on turning them into a book. It is a combination of a B&W print and a watercolour.

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Wednesday 03. 10 .18 We got back yesterday from our trip. After Flanders Fields we headed to Le Mans where we stayed the night and then went on down to Bordeaux where we stayed until yesterday with Marie-Pierre and Olivier. We managed to get all caught up with family news, saw Michele and had a great day out with M-P around the Bassin d’Arcachon. Today we have spent in Clermont with the morning at the marché. Carole heads back to Canada tomorrow.


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Wednesday 03. 10. 18 On 24 September Carole and I drove north to Belgium and Flanders Fields. We stayed at Poperinge which is near Ypres and explored a number of museums and sites in the area relative to when my grandfather was stationed there in September 1917. After some research we think we found where he was wounded in the Battle of Messines. We also found the site of the Hotel Trianon which had been converted to a hospital during WW1 and where he spent his convalescence and learnt to speak French! The top photos is Ravine Wood today where we think that he was wounded and the one below is the terrace of the hospital at Le Tréport.

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The Drawing Room



Saturday 08. 09. 18 I have just got back home after a week in London doing a workshop at the Drawing Room. What an amazing week! I can’t remember the last time I have been so excited. The teachers and the students were all wonderful and the atmosphere was really stimulating. Above are some works from the course. The top one was a project with Amalie Pica, drawing a familiar object, the next one with Lisa Brice and was of my feeling of vulnerabliity when I first entered the class full of women and the bottom was an exercise in tinting with Paul Noble using an 8H pencil.

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Monday 06. 08. 18 Today was my 77th birthday and Jason and Julia took me on a bike ride. First we went to the Power Plant and then over to Old Fort York. Lunch was along the lake and then we came back to Carole’s for a family birthday dinner with trifle – yummy!!!

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Friday 03. 08. 18 Just back from an exciting trip to see Martin and Beryl. Martin and I went into Ottawa and managed to get to the Cube Gallery, The National Gallery and The Table where Suzette was exhibiting. I also had lunch with Roy and Suzette at the Yellow Canoe. Plus we watched 8 episodes of Better Call Saul – busy times!

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