Mas Bellevue



Thursday 18. 08. 16 Did this small watercolour of George’s vegetable garden whilst I was up at their house looking after Grappa.

Heading home

Friday 30. 05. 14 Heading back to TO this morning via LA. It has been great.


Kangaroo Valley

Thursday 29. 05. 14 Just back from a few days chez Lyn and Brian at Miller’s Springs. A garden of Eden south of Sydney with sheep, cows and even a waterfall. I will return!!!



Back in Sydney

Monday 26. 05. 14 Flew back here yesterday afternoon and saw Festival of Lights here last night. Heading south today to Lyn and Brian’s for a couple of days.



Saturday 24. 05. 14 Arrived here at 1.30 Thursday morning due to a flight cancellation. Went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef yesterday and went on a trip through the rainforest today. Both wonderful and exotic.




En route

Thursday 22. 05. 14 Started the day at the theatre seeing a performance based on the aboriginal legend of the eagle, the crow and the cockatoo. It was a combination of live theatre, video and animation. A very creative interpretation. Got to airport only to discover that flight had been cancelled and that we had to fly to Alice and then on to Cairns with a 5 hour layover in Alice! The plus is that we get a free dinner courtesy of Qantas!



Wednesday 21. 05. 14 Did the rock at sunrise and then various sites at the base of the rock. Saw some rock painting about 150 years old.



The Rock

Tuesday 20. 05. 14 Up at the crack of dawn again heading for Ayer’s Rock resort passing through the outback and checked into our hotel at lunch time. In the afternoon hiked up Walpa Gorge and then did sunset at Ayer’s Rock.




Monday 19. 05. 14 Flew into Alice Springs this morning. Feels like a frontier town – new, brash and somewhat lacking in character. Up early tomorrow to head out to Ayer’s Rock.